We discovered that a Persian Restaurant nearby a few weeks ago. When we tried it out we asked the proprietor what dishes he would recommend. He suggested  several dishes, including Fesenjoon, a stew with a walnut and pomegranade sauce. He recommended we eat that one last, because it has so much flavour and would cover up the others. He was right. I have since gone back and had it again.

Adding GoodReads and the local library to Firefox Context Search

The Firefox Add-on “ContextSearch” lets you highlight text in a web page and then use search tools of your choice to search on the term. I have it set up with Google, Wikipedia (choose English or German), Google Maps and some other tools that came with it.
Goodreads is a website that lets users review books. It and wikipedia are usually my first stops when looking up a book.

Today it occurred to me that it would be nice to also use it to look up books on Goodreads.

I set up a new search engine option using the URL
I got that URL by searching for a book on the site, then taking the URL
and stripping off everything after the “search?”.

The fact that this works makes me think it might work for other search tools as well.

URL for Winnipeg Public Library paper books:

URL for Winnipeg Public Library ebooks: