Silent Microwave

I was happy to find out that I can turn off the sound on my microwave. Without taking it apart to cut out the speaker, as I did on my UPS. The instructions vary for different microwaves, but for my Panasonic NN-ST663S the instructions are:

  1. Plug it in, “88:88” displays
  2. Press Start button to see the top or bottom bar of the last letter blink next to the kg or lb label; press [Timer/Clock] to choose between them if you want
  3. Press [Start] again to display “Beep” The oven has both Beep On and Beep Off mode. Default is on.
  4. Press [Timer/Clock] to change to “Beep Off”
  5. Press [Stop/Reset] to exit.



There is a 30 min – 3hr sitting time in this recipe

  • 3 Cucumbers
  • salt
  • sugar/honey (6 tbsp)
  • dill (2 tbsbp)
  • vinegar (6 tbsp)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • onion (1 small, 1/4 of our usual)
  • cream or sour cream or milk (125ml or so)


  • peel and slice 3 cucumbers
  • add a fair bit of salt to let them drain out water
  • wait for 30 min – 3hrs; slightly push water out of the cucumbers and discard the water
  • mix sauce and onions and add

Adjustable gate latch

The soil in Winnipeg is all clay so it shifts a lot between dry and wet times. That means nothing is ever straight and level for long. So, the gate latch needs to be adjusted frequently.
I finally added the quick release from a bike seat for tool-less adjustments. I have a bunch of them around because I don’t like to help out the thieves by leaving them on a bike.


Shakshuka in a frying pan
  • 1+ onion, diced
  • ,
  • ,
  • ,
  • ,
  • 0+ feta
  1. fry up onion and garlic until they start to brown
  2. add spices, pepper and tomatoes and simmer
  3. break up tomatos with a potato masher or similar so they are not too big but still have some texture
  4. make a  hole for each egg and crack the egg into the sauce
  5. cook with a lid for 3-5 minutes depending how you like your egg
  6. Add feta, cilantro and parsley

Tape Gun Masking Tape Dispenser

wall mounted tape gun with masking tape

I use masking tape a lot to label stuff, tack stuff in place mark a spot when measuring. And of course for masking.

Finding the start of the roll is a nuisance.
So, I put some in a tape gun and mounted it upside down so it’s a dispenser when stored.
I was not sure at first how well this would work since the tape is mounted sticky side up. I have had this up for more than 6 months now, and sometimes the tape isn’t used in weeks. I am pleasantry surprised how well it still works after that.

people who back into parking spots

Last March I went to a presentation at Lyncrest Airport on electric transportation in cars and, more unusually, airplanes. I arrived a bit late and most people had already arrived. I noticed that an unusually large proportion of vehicles were backed in.

Unusual proportion of parked vehicles that are backed in
Unusual proportion of parked vehicles that are backed in

I am a big fan of backing into parking spots. You can maneuver in smaller spaces when the steered wheels are able to move rather than being constrained by being already in the narrow spot. You go backwards into the space where not a lot is going on, and when you need to leave and join traffic you are going forward where you can see. I can’t think of any disadvantages. Yet, the majority of people don’t. I don’t really understand that, although I can think of a few snarky comments.

It made me wonder what makes this crowd different. I think I asked a few people, but no one else seemed excited about this.

A Canadian Law?

Canada has a law that can put you in prison for blasphemous libel. The definition of blasphemy includes “irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable” and “the act of claiming the attributes of a deity”.
So, apparently they could lock me up for saying “Holy me!” if a trier of facts considered that blasphemy and I were not, in good faith, attempting to establish an argument that we would be better off without this law.

Section 296 of the Canadian Criminal Code - Blasphemous Libel
Section 296 of the Canadian Criminal Code – Blasphemous Libel