3d printed fence for a Stanley #78 Rabbet Plane

I picked up an old Stanley #78 rabbet and bull nose combination plane at a garage sale. It works OK as a bull nose and full-width plane, but it didn’t come with the fences needed to make consistent rabbets. I made the following 3D model in Fusion 360 and printed it, this is the final tweaked version. It also requires some nuts and bolts, and I had to re-cut one of the holes in the plane body because it used some crazy non-standard thread.

Stanley #78 fence and depth stop fence model.f3


5 thoughts on “3d printed fence for a Stanley #78 Rabbet Plane”

  1. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have the same plane but it’s missing the depth stop and the associated screw. What did you use to re-tap it?

  2. great stuff !! … I was just about to start designing a fence and a depth stop as I found an old record no.78 and they are missing …. regarding the tapping of the holes – when I tested out the record, the thread is close to an M6 but not quite perfect … do you remember what size you tapped to ? thanks !!!

    1. I used 1/4 20 (standard 1/4), largely because I had a long bolt with thread only part way up that worked out nicely as a shaft for the fence. I think (and the threads kind of look like) I was able to just tap into it without any additional drilling.
      I remember measuring the hole and the thread pitch before tapping it and finding it something exotic that was neither common metric or common SAE.

  3. Thanks for this design – after looking for the spares kits online I realised I’m going to have to get them made up, so I’m glad to follow a path you’ve trod.

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