NFC automation: send SMSs and bedside mode more

I try to remember things. I am bad at it.NFC Tag

For example, I try to remember to text home when I leave work. And I try to remember to set my phone to night mode with alarm for next morning when I go to bed.

Enter NFC tags (eg. from dx) and the Smart Tags app for the blackberry. The Smart Tags app allows you to write tasks to the NFC tag, and your phone will then execute that task if you hold it near the tag.

So, I put some tags

  • on my backpack strap to launch a SMS home
    • this one never worked once I put it onto the tuck tape I used as an in-between to the fabric
  • on my night stand to turn my phone into bedside notification mode (sadly they don’t have a setting available for true bedside mode)
    • works, although of limited use since I still need to put it into proper bedside mode
  • on my laptop to turn notification normal and open phone screen
    • That sticker never worked after I applied it to my laptop. We were talking about antennas and all their fun properties in a HAM radio course I am taking right now, and it made me think. Sure enough, it turns out NFC stickers  don’t work well when applied to metal. You can buy special ones that do.
  • on my key chain to turn on the camera (I use my camera a lot, more to document than for snapshots)
    • Never did figure out a way to put it on the keychain, I don’t ahve anything on there big enough to fit the sticker. If I wanted this badly I’d need to get one of the keychain NFCs

So, only 1 in 4 worked, and I am now hesitant to use the last one. It appears functional, but I don’t know what broke the other two, so holding off for a bit.

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