HackRF One, SDR#, WSPR and virtual audio cable

I bought a HackRF One SDR recently. The first thing I wanted to do is to try WSPR, which checks for other WSPR beacons to help monitor propagation paths.

I set this up using the free SDR software SDR# and another software virtual audio cable to connect the two.

That much was easy enough, but I have not had a single connection, running it for a bit over a week. WSPR frequenctly says it’s decoding, but nothing pans out. I am using the antenna that comes with the HackRF, which isn’t great but I hear others have had success with it.

I probably have something set up wrong still. I think I need to use CW mode in SDR# for WSPR but have not actually found confirmation for this anywhere. Since it’s not working it’s likely wrong :-)

One thought on “HackRF One, SDR#, WSPR and virtual audio cable”

  1. You need to use USB for WSPR.

    Frequencies to tune to are:
    0.136, 0.4742, 1.8366, 3.5926, 5.2872, 7.0386, 10.1387, 14.0956, 18.1046, 21.0946, 24.9246, 28.1246, 50.293, 70.091, 144.489, 432.300, 1296.500

    Try 7.0386 to start with, if your antenna suits, as you’ll likely have more success with this – Local contacts during the day, and long distance contacts at night.

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