Today I was wondering about the orientation of titles on the spines of books. That let me to the corresponding standard (ISO 6357) on the list of ISO standards. Looking at the next few standards above and below, it appears that the list is numbered by order of arrival and has nothing at all to do with the content of the standard: the previous, ISO 6344, is about grain size of abrasives, the next one , ISO 6429, about control functions for coded character sets. If I had not been in the middle of three other things with a dozen tabs open I could have got entirely lost in this list of things to look up. It made me laugh when I realized that a random click in my browsing history would be likely to come up with a similarly eclectic (or flighty?) list of subjects.

I usually think of a hobby as something you decide to start doing one day. So, I would not have thought of wikiwandering as a hobby of mine. But I guess it is. And, having seen the similarity of that list of standards, I can own that: I am a wikiwanderer.

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